The Risen Jesus Community of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is been recognized as “Private Association of the Faithful” by the Pontifical Council of the Laymen.

The Decree, dated April the 4th  2010 (Easter Day) is been presented by His Eminence Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council, to the deacon Paolo Serafini, President of the RJC on May the 3rd 2010, in the Great Hall of Palazzo San Calisto (Vatican City).


  • Chronicle of an “historical day”.
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  • Thank-you speech by the President Paolo Serafini.
  • The intervention of His Eminence Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko.
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International recognition – Chronicle of an “historical day”


May 3rd 2010 represents surely a memorable date for the Risen Jesus Community: the mark of a fundamental stage in the history of our community, because it is the day in which it receives, from the Pontifical Council of the Laymen, the Decree of Recognition of the Community, with the approval of his own international Statute, act that disciplines its rules, competence and activity.

We are in Rome, in the district of Trastevere, precisely in Square S. Calisto where, in the homonymous palace, has its seat the Pontifical Council for the Laymen.  It is difficult to describe in words the excitement that it is seen on the faces of the brothers and sisters that, one at the time, arrive in the yard opposite the historical and monumental building, place of the appointment.

Only yesterday we were in Fiuggi to participate in our twenty-third International Meeting, in the course of which it has been officially confirmed the news of the approval of the Statute and we still have in our eyes and in our ears the image and the joyful shouting of an immense assembly that, in the course of the following days, to the renewed announcements, always answered by demonstrating their joyful satisfaction. Alberta Ricci, one of the members of the NSC, has given the first communication in the opening day of the International Conference, provoking in the assembly a true roar of exultation. After having briefly explained what are the competences and activity of the Pontifical Council, repeatedly underlined that, thanks to this recognition, the Church does not only take note of our existence, blesses us and approves us, but declares that this is a walk of sanctification and that so goes promoted, recommended, encouraged and propagandised.  Then it was

the time of the Bishop Mons. Gervasio Gestori, who has immediately demonstrated his enthusiasm and his satisfaction of meeting a Community that, year after year, sees itself increasing numerically and spiritually, and then, before this novelty of the Pontifical Approval, declared textually:  “I experience humble pride to be in the Church, people of God, elected stock, regal priesthood, holy people”.  It is however today, 3 May, that the official Decree of Recognition actually will be delivered in the hands of our President, Paolo Serafini.


It is 10.30 when we cross the main entrance of the palace and we climb the spacious staircase that will lead us to the first floor, where we find the Main Hall, in which the ceremony will occur.  To welcome us we find Mons. Miguel Delgado that, with affability, puts us comfortably, and makes us settle around a table with a horseshoe shape.  We are about fifty brothers: there are present some representatives in charge of the agency of the Twelve Nations that form part of our larger communal family, some Italian Delegates diocesan, some people in charge of the various international Services and some priests. The entire International Committee of Service (ICS) was present: a new name indicated in the Statute in substitution of the pre-existing National Service Committee (NSC).  Along with the 7 members, physically present, we felt, in the spirit, the presence of two of the Founders:  Giampaolo and Jaqueline that, back at the house of the Father, incessantly have prayed for the happy result of this act.

We all wear the clothing of the important occasions, aware and proud to participate in this “historical event” of the life of the whole Community.  How to tell, how to be able to let you be part of this joy, emotions, of these alternate feelings that are in our hearts and that, almost palpable, saturate and make effervescent the whole environment?

As His Eminence Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, comes in, accompanied by the Bishop His Excellency Monsignor Josef Clemens, starts the song “He is Lord and he gives life”, sung by all, and immediately we perceived a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit.  It dissolves in us the tension and finally comes down that peace, that quiet serenity that the solemnity of the moment requires. The ritual greetings are to follow and the ceremony begins with the prayer recited in chorus by all of the participants in the assembly.  We seat down and Carmencita Serafini, one of the Founders of the Community, reads a text from the Gospel of St. John that recounts the apparition of Jesus to the disciples the same evening of its Resurrection and of the mandate that He entrusts to them:  “Like the Father sent me, I also send you” (Gv.  20, 19-23).  At the conclusion Mons.  Delgado gives a reading of the official text of the Decree with which the Pontifical Council for the Laymen sanctions the recognition of the Community and the approval of the Statute!  A deafening and warm applause underlines and gives voice to the delight that everyone of us want to demonstrate.  The video camera and the camera immortalize the event of the passage of the document from the hands of the Cardinal to those of our President: at their shoulders, the painting of the Risen Jesus towers over, carried specially by the brothers of the Service of the Liturgy, to testify our belonging.  Once the excitement of the moment calm down, in mark of thanks to the one that is Mother of the whole Church, we start singing the song “Queen of the skies” that, in my opinion, moves the heart of everyone present.  Then the President Paolo Serafini takes the word and, after having cited the “charismas” on which our Community is founded, the praise and the evangelisation, does a short historical excursus of the years gone by, during which we have noticed the numerical and spiritual progress achieved by the Community, thanks to the phenomenal help of the Holy Spirit.  Really we received a lot of blessings, for which we should never stop thanking God!

After having expressed its desire that this Recognition will spur all members of the Community to be even more diligent evangelisers in the spreading of the knowledge of Jesus Risen, he concludes by thanking all of the components of the Pontifical Council for the paternal encouragement and the promptness with which the Approval was granted.  To follow the intervention of His Eminence Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council, which affirms that, with the initial song, we carried the fire of the Holy Spirit in the palace and concludes underlining that as per today it begins a new stage in our public life, with the full conviction that the Church is with the Community, gives it credit and trust her.  After finishing the speech, the Cardinal gives the final blessing, to which follows the joyful song “Christ, my hope”.  The warm shake of hands, the flash of the photographer and the cheerful buzz of the participants are the background to the dissolution of the assembly.  We all go in the adjacent chapel, where with the song in tongues we express to the Lord our gratitude for what we have experienced in this historical day.  Together with Monsignor Delgado we recite the “Regina Coeli” and, gone out from the chapel, we go in a room where we are served a buffet, occasion that offers us still the opportunity to share our delight and to exchange our opinions and emotions.

No one hides the satisfaction that this Recognition gives us.  Those who materially have drawn up the text, those that followed its course for more than two years, those that have pleaded the cause, today collected the fruits of so much effort.  All, spiritually united to the whole Community, we celebrate and give thanks and bless the Lord that wrote in the skies for us this wonderful day.  Amen, Hallelujah!

Marinella Binni