The Risen Jesus Community was born on June 7th, 1987 in Rome within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Its founders are  a group of married lay people. After sharing a long Christian and vocational training, they decide to give life to a new aggregative entity, whose main charism is living and announcing the presence of Jesus Christ amid his people. A specific aim of the Risen Jesus Community is:”setting up and moulding communities of praise and evangelization that, given life by the Holy Spirit,  will live and announce the presence of the Risen One in the world. To do that, they prepare themselves to welcome Pentecost and to live its different aspects over again: the waiting for the Holy Spirit with Mary in the Cenacle, the Baptism in the Spirit, the announcement of salvation, the life of the first Christian community.” (Statute, art. 2.2).


The Risen Jesus Community is officially acknowledged for the first time on March 5th, 1996 by Cardinal Camillo Ruini’s decree, the then general Vicar of His Holiness for the diocese of Rome. In the long run some more acknowledgements will follow this first decree, being granted by the dioceses where the Community works in the world.


The Vatican II Ecumenical Council – and the post council teaching as well – paid special attention to the aggregative forms of participation in the life of the Church, showing high esteem and consideration towards them (see the Decree on the apostolate of lay people Apostolicam actuositatem, 18,19 and 21; the post synodal apostolic Exhortation Christifideles laici, 29).


In the same way the Blessed Pope John Paul II would stress the importance of “the promotion of forms of association, whether of the more traditional kind or the newer ecclesial movements, which continue to give the Church a vitality that is God’s gift and a true springtime of the Spirit” (Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio ineunte, 46).


Benedict XVI too stated that the ecclesial movements and the new communities “are a gift of God, a precious resource to enrich all the Christian community with their charisms” (Speech of His Holiness Benedict XVI to participants in the bishops study seminar “I ask you to go towards movements with a great love”, May 17th, 2008).

All that considered,


Having regard to the application submitted by the deacon Paolo Serafini, being the President of the Risen Jesus Community, and by the members of the International Service Committee of the same, through which the juridical acknowledgement of the above said aggregation as an international private association of the faithful is solicited to this Ministry together with the approval of its Statute;


Considering the letters of recommendation of Bishops witnessing the sound faith of the members of this Community, the living sense of ecclesial communion and the apostolic energy of its adherents;


Considering the spread of the Community in different countries in the world;


Deeming it opportune to acknowledge the Risen Jesus Community and to approve its Statute, after agreeing with the amendments made by this Ministry;


Having regard to Art. 134 of the Pastor Bonus Apostolic Constitution, about the Curia, and Canon 322 of the Canon Law Code, the Pontifical Council for Laity decrees:


1° The acknowledgment of the Risen Jesus Community as an international private association of the faithful, with legal status, pursuant to canons 298-311 and 321-329 of the Canon Law Code.


2° The approval of the Statute of the above mentioned aggregation, duly certified by this Ministry and registered in its archives, for a five year ad experimentum period.


Done at the Vatican, 4 April 2010, Easter of Resurrection.



Josef Clemens                                     Stanislaw Card. Rylko

The Secretary                                            The President