The Community, while living through time by the Church’s foundation gifts, naturally becomes part of local Churches, developing its action particularly in parishes and families.

In the parishes where it is present, the Risen Jesus Community brings the joy of Pentecost, always accompanied by prayer and by a disinterested service. In a mutual respect and reciprocal charity, it cooperates with parish priests and different ecclesial group operating in the people evangelization.


International Service Committee – “Guidelines”– Edition IV.

“Guidelines” Collection No. 1– The Risen Jesus Community Edition – page 15




A continuous renewal is brought by the Risen Jesus Community in families. When husband and wife with children welcome the one the others in the Risen Christ, while becoming aware that they are His body, the same family becomes a prayer and evangelization community. A family, thanks to the charism which links the married couple in the marriage sacrament, is particularly able to welcome other families in troubles and young people of the same age as the couple’s children.>


International Service Committee“Guidelines” – Edition IV

“Guidelines No. 1” – The Risen Jesus Community Edition – page 15



In order to fully restore families in the role of “little domestic churches”, the Community encourages them to guest in their houses the meetings of Growth Communities (that is small communities formed by people who already received the baptism in the Spirit and are willing to deepen their own conversion and maturity, by “life revision” as well).