–         The Community, when set up in a parish, welcomes all those who wish to renew themselves in the Holy Spirit, also joining a strongly community way.


Everybody may join. Just go to the parish community you prefer and start praising Jesus the Lord. Then, if you like, you can talk to the local Leaders, so that you may be put in the different spiritual activities.

If you need it (after joining the Community prayer for a time, so that you may begin to understand the sense of the Community itself), you may ask the leaders for a personal prayer. At that moment they will “lay their hands on you”, as a sign of brotherly love exchange and blessing.

At the right moment you will be able to attend the Seminar for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, a 12-15 week path and course, which will lead you to receive an effusion of the Spirit.

After receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and making a personal and convinced choice about going on through the Community life, you will be able to be integrated in a smaller growth community, whose peculiar feature is the “life revision”, made by each one of the members brothers. It is led in the light of the prophetic Word, which is given to the assembly every time, during the prayer.

In a parish Community, in your turn, you can also give back to others what you received as a gift and still receive, in order to build the Body of Christ.



Besides being in a parish, a Risen Jesus Community can be set up in a different environment, linked to work, study or life.

Those who live or work in a certain place would often like to announce the Gospel there indeed. Getting the opportunity, they introduce their family, friends and colleagues to prayer and charismatic life. Then they communicate their intention to the NSC (or to the local Diocesan Delegates) in order to receive their approval and help.

Of course this approval is to be given, according to different circumstances, by the local chaplaincy or by a competent civil administration as well, so that no possible conflict may arise out of the Community presence in that place.


What are the most suitable places for setting up en Environmental Community?

–         An Environmental Community is a huge blessing for Hospitals, where, because of pain and diseases, each person and the family behind him or her are badly in need of a hope announcement.

–         Even the pain linked to imprisonment is a grief that the Lord sends us to solace; of course this is a more ticklish question and there is a bigger number of relevant permissions that is to be asked for.

–         There is another environment which cannot be left without the gift of prayer: school and, particularly, university, where the young people build their future, preparing themselves to take the destiny of their Nations into their hands one day.       

– With the due changes, the course of a prayer meeting in an environmental community, follow the development of a parish meeting closely. Though a peculiar space should be reserved to short and trenchant teachings, specially addressing to those who may have been far from the Church and Sacraments for years and who, maybe, have never heard somebody announcing that Jesus is alive, that He is God and loves them!