Prayer, together evangelization, is our featuring character. It is the reason why we were given rise as a Community and can feel called, healed and sent. It is a liturgical, biblical and spontaneous worship prayer. It is also an intercession prayer, since we are aware that, as deep in the Holy Scripture, our Lord always listens to the prayers we make in favour of others, being generous and disinterested prayers.

In the Gospel Jesus answers both the requests of those who actually take their sick to his feet, so that He may heal them, and the request of the roman centurion who, nevertheless, though feeling unworthy to receive Jesus in his house, does believe that Jesus will work, no matter how long is the distance. This is a faith that Jesus praise openly and which He answers to at once.

Again the Lord will take us the example of the man who knocks and knocks at his neighbour’s house to get the bread he hasn’t got and feed his friend that arrived at dead of night. Not considering the initial refusal, this man goes on knocking as long as he gets some bread.


The intercession prayer is to be made like that: with faith and, if this is the case, insistently. “But prayer by the Church was fervently being made to God” on behalf of Peter, who had been imprisoned by the Romans after Herod’s first persecutions. Thus, coming into his cell, an angel frees him prodigiously and leads him out, saving his life. So Peter can go on with his ministry.

The Church has always believed in the power of intercession. The stories of famous or unknown saints are full of episodes on that subject. We, the Risen Jesus Community, have experienced that many times, with miraculous fruits as well.



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Guidelines Collection, No.5 – The Risen Jesus Community Editions, pages 213-214




Everybody can join in this community Service.


–         To pray as intercessors:

–         Do not wait for being called to this community service.

–         Just fill in the relevant form (unloading it from this site), where you have to specify the time we undertake to daily dedicate to personal intercession prayer.

–         Send your filled form back to: preghiere@gesurisorto.it

–         At every year’s end, if you intend to renew your engagement, fill in a new form.

–         Remember that all intercessors assure a considerable part of their prayers to support the CNS’s pastoral intentions and the requests of sanctification for all the members of the Community, besides praying in favour of the intentions that reach the Site.

–         Don’t forget to also pray for the Holy Father, your Bishops and Parish Priests.


To ask for intercession:

Everybody can ask this Service to be helped to pray for his own needs (health, work, conversion, reconciliation…).

Remember, while writing our request to the Site, not to intrude upon someone else’s privacy.

Also remember to promptly witness to the Site if your request has been answered.