It is the main meeting of the year, the event we all are called:


–         to make communion with all the other brothers and sisters, also coming from the other countries where the Risen Jesus Community is present,

–         to be filled with a new grace and receive a new impulse in spiritual life, both at a personal level and in the Community,

–         to be trained and be able to draw back to the Communities we come from that freedom in the Spirit and that charismatic power which will stress these days, each time so full of divine grace.


Being such a demanding event, requiring all the Community’s energies and involving organizational and economic considerable engagements, it is important to register in due time:

–         Those who are part of a Parish or Environmental Community can apply to their leaders, who will give all necessary explanations and will gather shares, also paying for the bank transfers.

–         Those who are not part of a Community but have got someone of their family or friends who belongs to it, or those who know that the Community is present in their parish or in a near one, can meet the local Community leaders and enter their name with them all the same.

–         Those who do not live near any Risen Jesus Community

–         can write straight to: webmaster@gesurisorto.it

–         or can go to the Secretariat of the Conference on the first day, in good advance.