The International Service Committee is the spiritual, pastoral and organizational guide of the whole Risen Jesus Community. At present it is made of

–         3 founder members: the deacon Paolo Serafini, his wife Carmencita Leonardi and Anna Liberace

–         4 elected members: Placido Conte, Gabriele Tauro and the husband and wife Roberto Ricci and Agata Alberta Avòli.





The ISC is mostly entrusted with the task to discern and guarantee that the original spirituality of the Community will never fade in the long run or dilute because of the extension of the Community itself.


For this reason the ISC members

–         visit local communities (both personally and through their Diocesan Delegates) from time to time, watching on their spiritual growth and helping them to stress their own peculiar features;

–         appoint, confirm or remove Leaders of all levels and choose between the servants the Delegates who may able to represent the ISC;

–         promote and take care of all the spiritual training Courses and the yearly international Conference, which is open to everybody;

–         compile or revise all training texts published by the Community.



Another essential task of the ISC is to personally answer for, within the Church and the local bishops, the orthodoxy, obedience and communion with the teaching of the Church, as well as the full involvement of the Community in the activities and pastoral plans of the different dioceses. Moreover the ISC keep periodical relations with the Pontifical Council for Laity and with ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services), participating in the initiatives that this organization promotes in favour of the Charismatic Renewal at a worldwide level.