– Thus its aim is to faithfully reflect the general spirituality of the Community, the prophecies which lead it in present days, the actual Community life.

– It is made by members of the editorial staff who live the Risen Jesus Community as a personal gift of salvation. They have already been serving in it, being entrusted with services or responsibility tasks as well (which allows them to discern from inside the community what complies with the charismatic and community announcement and what does not) and in full communion with the NSC. All the members of the Community can contribute with articles and photos, finding an actual way to “show the hope which dwells in us”.

– It is addressed to the same members of the Risen Jesus Community, to all those who believe in Jesus Christ and to those who are “far away”, so hoping that they can be evangelized.


Thus the magazine is intended for:


-the same members of the Risen Jesus Community in order that :


– all of us may revise the prophecies the Lord is giving us, so being able to “ruminate” on them, keeping them in our hearts and them putting them into practice while overcoming that easy “consumerism” that often attempts on the holy things the Lord works in us as well;

– we may really become a people that reminds God’s prodigies and, while keeping ancient prophecies, we may open ourselves to the new ones, interpreting them;

– we may learn to write our “history”, the history that will remain and serve the coming generations;

– we may acquire a “common” preparation and language (not meaning by that a flat levelling or independent routes, each one of them going forward on one’s own);

– we may meet the ones the others beyond the ocean’s distance, learning how to be an only Risen Jesus Community (though, of course, we rejoice in local touches).


All those who believe that Jesus is the Lord and has risen from the death:

–         – so that they may find an effective help for their growth and prayer;

–         – so that they may join the Community if they like;

–         – so that the different lay bodies and Associations may know and esteem very much the ones the others;

–         – so that the Holy Shepherds may know that we walk with the Church and may use us according to our charisms and particular gifts.



All those who are “far away”, especially for those who are in a spiritual death:

–         so that they may see the light, being provoked or convinced by a testimony;

–         so that they may find a real way and may be aware that they will find an open door and an honest and disinterested help.


The “Risen Jesus” Magazine is a quarterly publication

and is issued on : March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and December 15th.


You can ask for it:

Writing to: Associazione Gesù Risorto, Via Servilio Isarnico, 16/18 – 00174 Roma, Italia

or, better, reaching the nearest Risen Jesus Community to your house.