–         The Church was born from the event of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit, the Risen One’s same Spirit, powerfully comes into the disciples and the Apostles, who were gathered with Mary in the Cenacle (see Acts, chapter 2). This Pentecost will never end as long as we are on this earth, since only the continuous release of the Spirit can implement the New Covenant in our hearts, making us move in a deep union with Christ as long as we are transformed into Him, coming back to the Father, whose will we love and fulfil.

–         Each Christian man or woman lives his or her Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit comes to dwell into him or her in the Baptism and in the Confirmation. We have to be fully aware of that, making a real and tangible experience through His manifestations, that is gifts and charisms. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal was born with that aim and, for the same reason, prayer is a key element in it, because prayer helps the action of the Holy Spirit in each baptized person, already being present in him or her. Thus this prayer of the baptism in the Spirit is also said “a prayer of effusion”, since the Spirit, that is invoked by a renewed faith, is there free “to spread about”, to spring from us as that “river of living water” Jesus talks to us about (John, chapter 4).

–         Each community or group which is a part of Catholic Charismatic Renewal has got its own ways to live and pass on that experience. In the Risen Jesus Community we live a “Seminar for the baptism in the Holy Spirit”, that is a course in the space of 12-15 weeks, when we meet in a different day from the one of the Community praise, to pray together, receive personal deliverance and healing prayers, to be helped to make our first and real steps to an effective personal conversion, which will take our whole life. During this seminar we also discover how much God loves each one of us, as we are the subject of His predilection and favours.

–         After a certain number of meetings, which varies locally (7-8 or more), all the brothers who are to receive the baptism in the Spirit live a retreat day. On this occasion they receive the “prayer of effusion”, with the laying of hands by the Community Servants. Then the seminar goes on till its end and some brothers may be also put into a Growth Community subsequently.



–         The seminar is a real “transmission of life” and not an academic lesson or general culture. Being a real expression of the Church, the Community plays an important role in this transmission. Because of that, all those who want to receive the baptism in the Spirit shall join a Risen Jesus Community, either a parish or an environmental community.

– If the Risen Jesus Community is not present in a certain area or is not reachable in a reasonable time, you can write to the Site in order to assess possible solutions with a Community’s entrusted representative.