There is a basic and indispensable training, which lies in prayer itself and in the direct experience of charisms, as well as there is a sort of education, which is a real and moulding training, given to us by those gestures of forgiveness and reconciliation that only a very strong spiritual context make possible. Then, of course, we also need a more specifically “cultural” background, since all those join the Community have the right to be guided by Servants and Leaders who are engaged in a continuous growth process.


–         Thus the specific Training Course is all that: prayer (a lot of charismatic prayer), liturgical action, teaching about peculiar and essential subjects, testimonies, etc.

–         Moreover this course is a privileged occasion to know general pastoral guidelines complying with them and to be updated about the next year Conference while taking the relevant materials.

–         During the course two events take place as well: the meeting of the “Risen Jesus” Association (each year) and the ISC’s renewal votation (every four years).



–         All the Community Servants and Leaders (this status can be conferred by the ISC only) can participate in the Course and are obliged to.

–         No companions can be admitted to any session of the Course.


The Course, which is held every year at the beginning of December, has an international feature. Thus the Italian Servants and Leaders who are able to help with translations are requested to inform the Organization Service.