Nobody is allowed to be idle if we do not want to turn into a “universal omission” what was born to be a “universal mission”. In the same way, we are not permitted “to adapt” the experience that each of us is called to do with God: a direct experience, an experience of love, the experience of a son who finds himself loved by the Father. Nothing can be a “carrier” of it: some yoga, some oriental philosophy or even the messages of some late relatives (remember, by the way, that talking to the dead is a serious sin)…We shall announce God for Himself and not other things replacing Him.

With simplicity and strength, we shall proclaim that God is love, that He loves all creatures, that He loves us. So He loves me and loves you: no matter what standard of understanding we may have of this love and beyond any answers we may give.

We must “go out” in the street, everywhere the Lord will send us, “summoning” our brothers, just in the same way we can see the servants of the Gospel parable doing, when they were sent to invite others the King’s Son marriage. How many testimonies we heard this way: “I was called, I came and was healed. I got changed!”

Summoning those who are far from the Lord is an extraordinary mission, sometimes even a prodigious action, we shall ask and ask Him for as a gift, since we love all His children and do want that all of them be save. Then, after praying, we go out in the street and meet the “right” person, whom we address the “right” words to, those words which will change his or her life.

Sometimes people come to us and ask spontaneously for the reason of our joy and a prayer for their needs.

“And there also came together the multitudes from the cities round about Jerusalem, bring sick folk, and them that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one” (Acts 5:16).

At the beginning, as we can see, the heathens were conquered more by the fascination emanating from the Church of Jerusalem, because of the mutual love and salvation visible in it, than by a specific missionary work.

When we really live on the presence of the Lord, some irradiation strength springs out from the Community. It enlightens, attires, consoles and transforms those who are involved in. Such is the growth of this saved folk and the increase of this love “contagion”, the transmission of this power, from laying hands to laying hands…


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