We think that the Community, being a small portion of God’s people, shall be made up of dissimilar individuals as regards age, life status and social condition, and also that we have to walk all together, being a gift the ones for the others, in a mutual enrichment.

So there are no separated ways for the ones or the others, nor because of age. In fact we are (or have to become) “people of the Spirit”. Then we do not choose the ones the others because of personal affinity or common human projects. The Lord is the One who links us. Our common project is praising and bearing witness of Him.

We were linked by the same “prophecy” that each of us heard to be pronounced over himself and that he recognized as “his own”.

Thus the Community young people live the same steps as all of us and they are given the same opportunities, considering their charisms and sense of personal donation rather than their young age and inexperience.


So why to make this peculiar course?


That is made

–         so that they may be able to throw off their shyness and plunge into the Lord.

As they often come from small parish communities, where, what’s more, the local leaders are their parents, they will never do that by themselves.

–         so that they may be put into service for a bigger task, also going on a stage to bear their witness to Jesus before a large assembly, giving a teaching or leading songs.

–         so that they may meet the ones the others and take strength from what they see their same age brothers doing.



As to every other course, young people have to go to their Course to pray a lot, train their charisms, grow in brotherly communion and put themselves into service. And, most of all, they have to go to feel God’s love and be healed.

Anyway this Course was not conceived to evangelize the new coming brothers but to strengthen those who already live the reality of the Community since a discernment was made on them by their local community leaders (in fact the subscriptions to this Course are sent to the Organization Service by local community leaders).

The other requirements useful to participation are the following:

-age between 15 (one cannot subscribe before turning 15) and 35 (not over);

– married couples are accepted to the Course but both the husband and wife cannot be over 35;

under-age young people are to be accompanied. Though their companions cannot participate in any session of the Course, with the exception of seriously handicapped people’s companions;

limitations and  the age range are valid for leaders as well, but for those who are called by the ISC to perform certain tasks;

a partial participation in the Course is not allowed.