An outline of the Risen Jesus Community’s story is contained in a small but precious booklet, issued by the Community in 2007. You can ask for it writing to : “Comunità Gesù Risorto, Via Servilio Isarnico 16/18, 00174 Rome, Italy” or emailing to:


Let’s read the Preface of the two Authors.


“We are writing this book while the worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal has just celebrated its first 40 years of life. In the context of this extraordinary stream of grace, the Risen Jesus Community itself has celebrated 20 years of life. They are 20 years rich in main events as well as in smaller ones, which are known by God only. They are stressed by the prophecies and the words of wisdom that He wanted to give us from time to time during our prayer, so that we might securely move forward on our way.

Reading throughout, in our books full of notes and memories, we can see the grace of what we have kept in time: it is our story. It is the story of our Community but our personal story as well, since these two often overlap. Because of that, we tell it as protagonists or after listening to the Founders’ witnesses. Sometimes we tell it with so much enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of the one who is deeply involved in this particular reality and lives to see its sanctification and expansion. Though we have never exaggerated the significance of what we really saw happening, that we can consciously witness.


Why shall we set this book in a Collection about “Guidelines” (Guidelines concerning both our charismatic dimension and our community structures)? We realized that, talking about our past episodes, we were speaking in the same time about the genesis and the development of our spirituality, which was explained and embodied in time and through time.

We told the awareness our Community acquired as to itself in the long run. So the reflections contained in these pages belong to the past time and not to the present.

Thus what specific awareness we got? What peculiar spirituality has been made clearer in time through the sad or happy events of our Community life and, before that, through the prophetic listening? We realized that the Holy Spirit wants us to live all together the higher experience that Jesus made here on the earth: death and resurrection with Him!

All that belongs to Jesus has got a vital importance for us, each word, each gesture of Him. Though it is in the resurrection that the work of the Spirit in Jesus is achieved and reveals the real meaning of all the other aspects.

It is a gift and an entrustment to welcome, embody and understand day by day, in each situation. If we do not let ourselves being raised by the Lord at every moment but we want to stay in the death, we hurt not only ourselves but we also betray the vocation we received, delaying the entrance into resurrection of that part of the world which has been delivered to us.


We are sure that it was not our Founders who “invented” our Community. It is the Lord who made a prophecy and then chose the tools to carry it on.

His “election” love made this: it loved “our fathers” in the way we read in the story of Israel crediting them with the obedience to that prophecy as a credit of justice. It chose us as his people, making us come out from the Egypt of our only human condition, with signs and prodigies, though with tests and sorrows as well. It is so for each specific entity in the Church.

Then this love wanted that our founders’ charisms (we can consider them as passages of the Grace, which reflect God’s inscrutable project on each creature, thus requesting a personal answer and adhesion) would become “transmissible” too, meaning that they would succeed in awaking this same gift in other people (through the prayer and practical example given to brothers). Of course this gift was already present in these people but had remained idle in their souls for a long time. This passing on of gifts made up our Community and goes on making it. So we shall not let them stifle but we shall perpetuate them through time, so that we may create a peculiar link among those who benefit from them, even when this benefit belongs to future generations…!


We hope that this book may be useful to this as well: to make each beginner share this precious heritage, to make him fully come into this communion, which gave life to us, the senior brothers of our Community. Thus we cannot forget or sell off the grace which bore us to life, while wishing to become something else, in order to be more successful and feel more satisfied. We have to walk towards a full ecclesial maturity, in the same way as it is firmly hoped in all the document of the Church referring to Movements. Maturity is carrying out to perfection, by prayer and discernment, the charisms we received, while accomplishing, in a spirit of donation and love, the mission they include, being in a full harmony with all the other members of the Mystic Body”.

The Authors